2016 Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft: A Comprehensive Analysis

The 2016 NFL Draft was a crucial event for the Dallas Cowboys, a team looking to bounce back and strengthen their squad for a competitive season. In this article, we delve into the mock draft predictions and potential strategies that the Cowboys could have employed to bolster their roster.

  1. Addressing the Defensive Line: One of the primary focuses for the Cowboys in the 2016 draft was enhancing their defensive line. Many mock drafts linked the team to top defensive prospects like Ohio State’s Joey Bosa and Oregon’s DeForest Buckner. Both players were touted for their ability to disrupt the backfield and provide a much-needed boost to the Cowboys’ pass rush.
  2. Bolstering the Backfield: With the future of their running back position uncertain, the Cowboys were also projected to potentially select a top running back. Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State was a popular name in many mock drafts, known for his explosive running style and ability to contribute in the passing game.
  3. Secondary Concerns: The Cowboys’ secondary was another area of concern heading into the draft. Mock drafts frequently mentioned cornerbacks and safeties that Dallas could target, including Florida’s Vernon Hargreaves III and Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey. Both players had the skills and versatility to make an immediate impact in the Cowboys’ defensive backfield.
  4. Finding a Quarterback of the Future: With Tony Romo nearing the end of his career, some mock drafts speculated that the Cowboys might use the 2016 draft to find their future quarterback. Names like North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz and California’s Jared Goff were mentioned as potential fits, offering the Cowboys a chance to develop a young quarterback behind Romo.
  5. Late-Round Steals: In addition to their early-round picks, the Cowboys were also in a position to find value in the later rounds of the draft. Mock drafts highlighted players that could provide depth and upside, helping Dallas to build a well-rounded and competitive roster.

Conclusion: The 2016 NFL Draft presented a valuable opportunity for the Dallas Cowboys to address key areas of need and inject young talent into their roster. By focusing on positions like the defensive line, running back, and secondary, the Cowboys aimed to lay the groundwork for a successful future. Mock drafts provided fans and analysts alike with a glimpse into the potential strategies and player selections Dallas could pursue, adding to the excitement and anticipation leading up to the draft.

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