Cam Taylor-Britt Scouting Report

Cam Taylor-Britt is a rising star in the world of college football. He is widely considered to be one of the top cornerback prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft, and for good reason. This scouting report will take an in-depth look at his skills, strengths, weaknesses, and overall potential as a player.


Cam Taylor-Britt Scouting Report

Cam Taylor-Britt hails from Montgomery, Alabama, where he attended Park Crossing High School. He was a standout athlete in both football and track, excelling as a receiver, running back, and defensive back on the gridiron. Taylor-Britt received numerous accolades in high school, including being named First-Team All-State and earning a spot in the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game.

After a successful high school career, Taylor-Britt committed to play college football at the University of Nebraska. He redshirted his first year with the Cornhuskers but quickly made an impact on the field when he became eligible to play in 2019.

Physical Attributes

Cam Taylor-Britt Scouting Report

At 6’0″ and 205 pounds, Taylor-Britt has ideal size for a cornerback at the next level. He also possesses impressive speed and agility, which allows him to stick with receivers and make plays on the ball. He has a lean, muscular build that gives him both strength and speed on the field.

Skills and Strengths

Cam Taylor-Britt Scouting Report


One of the most impressive aspects of Taylor-Britt’s game is his versatility. He has the ability to play both cornerback and safety, making him a valuable asset to any team. His athleticism and natural instincts allow him to excel in coverage and provide support in run defense.

Coverage Skills

Taylor-Britt has proven to be a shutdown corner during his time at Nebraska. He has the speed and quickness to stay with receivers and the physicality to disrupt their routes. He has excellent ball skills, often breaking up passes or coming away with interceptions. His ability to read the quarterback and anticipate throws is a key strength in his game.


As mentioned before, Taylor-Britt’s physicality is one of his greatest assets. He is not afraid to come up and make tackles, even against bigger, more physical receivers. He also has good technique and form when tackling, which helps him bring down ball carriers effectively.


Cam Taylor-Britt Scouting Report

Inconsistent Play

While Taylor-Britt has shown flashes of brilliance on the field, he has also had some inconsistencies in his play. At times, he can struggle with maintaining consistent coverage or getting beat on routes. This may be attributed to his aggressive style of play, but it is an area he will need to improve upon at the next level.

Ball Skills

While Taylor-Britt has shown an ability to make plays on the ball, he could still use some improvement in this area. He has had some dropped interceptions and missed opportunities for turnovers. With more focus and practice, he could become a more reliable playmaker for his team.

Run Defense

Although Taylor-Britt is a willing tackler, he could use some work on his run defense. He sometimes struggles to disengage from blockers and can get caught out of position. With more development in this area, he could become a more well-rounded defender.

Potential and Comparison

Cam Taylor-Britt Scouting Report

Cam Taylor-Britt has all the physical tools and potential to become a top cornerback in the NFL. His versatility, speed, and coverage skills have drawn comparisons to players like Jalen Ramsey and Denzel Ward. With continued development and refinement of his game, he could become an impact player at the next level.

Advice for Utilizing Cam Taylor-Britt’s Skillset

For teams looking to draft or acquire Cam Taylor-Britt, there are a few ways to utilize his unique skillset. First and foremost, his versatility allows him to play multiple positions in the secondary, providing depth and flexibility to a team’s defensive schemes.

He also excels in press coverage, making him an ideal fit for teams that prioritize physicality and aggressiveness in their cornerbacks. His speed and quickness make him an asset in blitz packages as well, allowing him to pressure the quarterback and create turnovers.

Examples of Cam Taylor-Britt’s Impact

During his time at Nebraska, Cam Taylor-Britt has already made a significant impact on the field. In his first season as a starter in 2020, he recorded 41 tackles, five pass breakups, and three forced fumbles. He also had an interception and returned it for a touchdown against Northwestern.

In a game against Ohio State, Taylor-Britt showed his versatility by playing both cornerback and safety due to injuries on the Cornhuskers’ roster. He finished the game with nine tackles and two pass breakups, showcasing his ability to thrive in different roles.

FAQs about Cam Taylor-Britt

What is Cam Taylor-Britt’s NFL Draft projection?

Cam Taylor-Britt is currently projected to be a Day 2 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, with some experts predicting he could even sneak into the first round.

Which NFL teams could benefit from drafting Cam Taylor-Britt?

Teams in need of a versatile and physical cornerback would greatly benefit from drafting Cam Taylor-Britt. Some potential fits could include the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, and Tennessee Titans.

How did Cam Taylor-Britt perform at the NFL Combine?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 NFL Combine was canceled. However, at Nebraska’s Pro Day, Taylor-Britt ran a 4.42 40-yard dash and recorded a 38-inch vertical jump, showcasing his impressive athleticism.

What are some potential areas for improvement in Cam Taylor-Britt’s game?

While Taylor-Britt has a lot of potential, he could use some improvement in consistency and ball skills. These are areas that can be addressed with more experience and coaching at the next level.

What sets Cam Taylor-Britt apart from other cornerback prospects?

Taylor-Britt’s versatility, physicality, and speed make him a standout among other cornerback prospects. He also has a high football IQ and natural instincts on the field, which allow him to make plays on the ball and anticipate routes.


Cam Taylor-Britt is an exciting prospect in the 2022 NFL Draft class. His size, athleticism, and versatility make him a valuable asset to any team. While he may have some areas to improve upon, his potential and playmaking ability make him a highly coveted prospect. With the right development and coaching, Taylor-Britt has all the tools to become a top cornerback in the NFL.

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