Philadelphia Eagles 2016 Mock Draft: Predictions and Analysis

The 2016 NFL Draft was a significant event for the Philadelphia Eagles, a team eager to bolster their roster and make strides toward competitiveness. In the buildup to the draft, numerous mock drafts speculated on the potential moves and selections the Eagles might make. This article dives into these predictions, analyzing the team’s needs and the players who could have potentially filled them, according to various 2016 mock drafts.

  1. Quarterback Conundrum: Carson Wentz or Jared Goff? A major storyline in 2016 was the Eagles’ quarterback situation. Many mock drafts projected the Eagles to select a quarterback with their first-round pick, with North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz and California’s Jared Goff being the primary candidates. The debate raged on about which quarterback would be a better fit, with mock drafts providing insights and comparisons on both players’ strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Strengthening the Offensive Line: The Eagles’ offensive line was another area of concern, and mock drafts highlighted potential picks that could fortify the trenches. Offensive tackles such as Ronnie Stanley from Notre Dame and Jack Conklin from Michigan State were frequently linked to the Eagles, praised for their ability to provide immediate stability and protection up front.
  3. Adding Defensive Talents: On the defensive side of the ball, the Eagles were in need of playmakers. Mock drafts suggested that the team might target positions like cornerback and linebacker in the early rounds. Players like Florida’s Vernon Hargreaves III and Alabama’s Reggie Ragland were popular names, expected to bring toughness and athleticism to the Eagles’ defense.
  4. Wide Receiver Options: Giving the quarterback more weapons was also a priority for the Eagles. Mock drafts connected the team with wide receivers like TCU’s Josh Doctson and Notre Dame’s Will Fuller, both of whom were renowned for their speed and playmaking abilities.
  5. Finding Value in Later Rounds: In addition to their early-round selections, the Eagles were anticipated to look for hidden gems in the later rounds of the draft. Mock drafts highlighted players that could provide value and depth, potentially uncovering future starters or key rotational pieces.

Conclusion: The 2016 NFL Draft was a pivotal moment for the Philadelphia Eagles, with mock drafts providing a glimpse into the various strategies and player selections the team could pursue. By addressing crucial positions like quarterback, offensive line, and defense, the Eagles aimed to lay the groundwork for future success. While mock drafts are speculative by nature, they offered Eagles fans insights and excitement as they looked forward to the draft and the potential transformation of their team.

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