Revisiting the 2016 NFL Draft: Predicting the Tennessee Titans’ Picks

The NFL Draft is always a hot topic of discussion, as teams look to fortify their rosters with young talent that can shape their future. In 2016, the Tennessee Titans were in a crucial rebuilding phase, aiming to strengthen their team through smart draft choices. In this retrospective analysis, we will explore the mock drafts and expert predictions that surrounded the Titans’ selections in the 2016 NFL Draft, identifying key strategies and potential players that were linked to the team.

  1. The Need for a Tackle: Protecting the quarterback is crucial in the NFL. With the Titans having drafted Marcus Mariota the previous year, the focus in many mock drafts was on getting an elite offensive tackle. Laremy Tunsil from Ole Miss was a popular name associated with the Titans, predicted to solidify the offensive line.
  2. Defensive Reinforcements: Titans’ defense, though spirited, needed young and energetic players. Defensive back Jalen Ramsey from Florida State and linebacker Myles Jack from UCLA were among the most speculated picks. Both these players were projected to provide an immediate impact and boost the Titans’ defensive unit.
  3. Trading the Top Pick: Before the draft, there were numerous speculations about the Titans trading their top pick for a set of lower picks to address multiple needs. Mock drafts and experts speculated various scenarios where the Titans could accumulate picks and still select top-tier talent.
  4. Looking for Wide Receiver Talents: Mariota needed weapons, and the 2016 draft had a good selection of wide receivers. Players like Corey Coleman from Baylor and Laquon Treadwell from Ole Miss were potential targets. Their ability to stretch the field and provide reliable catching options for Mariota made them intriguing mock draft selections for the Titans.
  5. Late-Round Gems: Every draft is not just about the top picks but also finding talent in the later rounds. Players like Derrick Henry from Alabama, an outstanding running back, were expected to be around in the second round or later, and many mock drafts saw the Titans picking him to complement their offense.
  6. Conclusion: While mock drafts are essentially educated guesses based on team needs and player values, they provide fans with a glimpse into the potential future of their favorite franchises. The 2016 NFL Draft for the Tennessee Titans was projected to be a foundational one, as they aimed to build around Mariota and uplift their team dynamics. Though the actual draft might have unfolded differently, the mock drafts of 2016 showcased the strategic options the Titans had at their disposal.
  7. Note: This article is based on pre-2016 draft speculations. The real draft outcomes may have varied. Always cross-check with actual draft records for accurate information.

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