Introduction Tee Higgins Draft Profile

Tee Higgins, a standout wide receiver from Clemson University, is one of the top prospects in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. With his impressive size, speed, and natural talent on the field, Higgins has caught the attention of many scouts and coaches in the football world. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at his draft profile, highlighting his strengths, weaknesses, and overall potential as a professional player.

1. Early Years and College Career

Introduction Tee Higgins Draft Profile

Early Years

Born on January 18, 1999, Tee Higgins grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. From an early age, he showed a natural aptitude for sports, excelling in both football and basketball. As he progressed through high school, his football skills continued to develop, catching the eye of college recruiters.

College Career at Clemson

In 2017, Higgins committed to play football at Clemson University, where he quickly made a name for himself as a star wide receiver. In his first season, he recorded 17 receptions for 345 yards and two touchdowns, helping lead the team to a national championship victory over Alabama. He continued to improve in his sophomore and junior seasons, earning All-ACC honors and becoming the go-to target for quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Introduction Tee Higgins Draft Profile


One of the main strengths of Tee Higgins is his impressive size and physicality. Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 215 pounds, he has the ideal frame for a wide receiver, giving him an advantage over smaller defenders. He also possesses excellent hands and body control, making difficult catches seem effortless. Additionally, he has shown the ability to create separation with his route-running and has a knack for finding the end zone.


While Tee Higgins has many strengths, there are also areas where he could improve. One of the main concerns is his lack of top-end speed, which could limit his ability to stretch the field at the professional level. He also needs to work on his strength and explosiveness, as he can struggle against physical defenders. Finally, there have been some questions about his consistency, as he has had a few drops and lapses in concentration throughout his college career.

3. Potential as a Professional Player

Introduction Tee Higgins Draft Profile

After an impressive college career, Tee Higgins is now preparing for the next step in his football journey – the NFL. As a potential first-round pick, he has shown all the tools and potential to become a successful wide receiver at the professional level. His combination of size, hands, and route-running make him a valuable asset to any team in need of a reliable pass-catcher. With the right development and coaching, he has the potential to become a top receiver in the league.

4. How to Use Tee Higgins Draft Profile

Introduction Tee Higgins Draft Profile

When evaluating Tee Higgins as a potential draft pick, it’s important to look beyond just his on-field abilities. Scouts and coaches should also consider his character, work ethic, and coachability. While he may have some areas to improve upon, his natural talent and strong college career make him a promising prospect. As a team, it’s important to determine how he would fit into the current roster and what role he could play in the offense.

5. Examples of Tee Higgins Draft Profile

Introduction Tee Higgins Draft Profile

To understand the type of impact Tee Higgins could have on a team, we can look at players with similar skill sets who have found success in the NFL. Players like Mike Evans, Alshon Jeffery, and Allen Robinson have all thrived with their size and catching ability, and Tee Higgins has the potential to do the same. Additionally, his connection with Trevor Lawrence at Clemson provides a glimpse of what he could accomplish when paired with a talented quarterback in the NFL.

6. Comparisons with Other NFL Draft Prospects

In a draft class filled with talented wide receivers, Tee Higgins stands out as one of the top prospects. His combination of size and hands is reminiscent of A.J. Green, who has been a dominant receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals for many years. He also shares similarities with former Clemson teammate DeAndre Hopkins, who is now one of the top receivers in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals. While there are certainly differences between these players, their profiles are comparable to that of Tee Higgins.


1. Is Tee Higgins projected to be a first-round draft pick?

At this point, most mock drafts have Tee Higgins going in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. However, teams’ needs and decisions can change leading up to the draft, so nothing is set in stone.

2. What sets Tee Higgins apart from other wide receivers in the draft class?

Tee Higgins’ size and catching ability make him stand out among his peers. He also has experience playing in a high-pressure environment at Clemson, which could give him an edge in the transition to the NFL.

3. What role do you see Tee Higgins playing in the NFL?

With his size and physicality, Tee Higgins has the potential to be a dominant red zone threat in the NFL. He could also develop into a reliable number one receiver for a team in need of a go-to target.

4. What are some concerns about Tee Higgins’ game?

While Tee Higgins has many strengths, there are some concerns about his speed, strength, and consistency. These areas will need to be addressed and improved upon for him to reach his full potential in the NFL.

5. Which teams are most likely to draft Tee Higgins?

As a highly-touted prospect, Tee Higgins could potentially be drafted by any team in need of a wide receiver. Some teams that have been linked to him in mock drafts include the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, and New England Patriots.

Conclusion: The Potential of Tee Higgins

With his combination of size, hands, and potential, Tee Higgins is undoubtedly one of the top wide receiver prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft. While he may have some areas to improve upon, his natural talent and experience at a top program like Clemson make him an intriguing prospect for any team looking to bolster their receiving corps. With the right development and opportunity, Tee Higgins has the potential to become a star in the NFL and make an impact for years to come.

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